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About me

Hi, I’m Mollie! I would love to help you rebuild your confidence and sparkle!

I am a coach, an education expert, and a recovering burnout survivor. I want to share what I’ve learned with other burnout survivors to help create the world that we want to be in, that will nurture us and allow us to flourish again.

Nice to meet you!

I am a coach, an education expert, a leader, and a recovering burnout survivor.

I want to share what I’ve learned with other burnout survivors to help create the world that we want to be in, that will nurture us and allow us to flourish again. 

I am also committed to creating a new generation of leaders that Lead with Compassion, honoring and respecting the humans they work and play with.

I have witnessed so many instances of toxic leadership leading to apathy and burnout in their teams. I have also been lucky enough to experience the absolute JOY of working wita great, compassionate leader  a few times in my career. This is the leader that has cultivated each team member to be their best on that team. This team works together and is super-productive. And the bonus is that we all have fun doing it! That’s powerful stuff. I want to share that knowledge with you. 

Whether I'm coaching through burnout recovery or developing new Compassionate Leaders, my fundamental belief is that we are partners where you are uplifted from “getting by” to growing and thriving!

We will work through ways to: 

  • Identify your core values
  • Become self-aware or deepen your self-awareness
  • Develop compassion and acceptance for others
  • Reconnect your mind and body 
  • Develop tools to help you set boundaries and maintain your authenticity

I look forward to developing a partnership with you to grow and thrive in your authentic self!

How I got here

I believe in connections, in compassion, and in helping others find their way back. I believe in paying compassion and kindness forward. I believe this because others believed this when I needed help most. 

I was lost for a long time before I burned out. I grew up feeling like I needed to be the adult in the room all the time, that I needed to put everyone else’s needs first, that my needs weren’t important, and that literally everything else mattered more than I or my needs did.  

I didn’t know there was another way. I didn’t understand that we humans are extremely social beings and that we thrive in connection and wilt and fade in isolation. It took a total burnout to realize that I needed help, I needed connection, and I needed someone (actually, several people) to help me recover. I simply couldn’t do it alone. 

I am eternally grateful to those who helped me, and I am committed to helping others in the same way I was helped, by offering you human connection, a helping hand, and guiding you to find your own way through burnout to a happier, more authentic you. 

During my journey through work to burnout, I had some amazing leaders that helped me get through hard times. I saw what a team could do when we all worked together, supporting each other, and connecting authentically. I learned how to embody those principles and shared them with others. When you know what a great team can be, you want it with every team! I believe we can all have those experiences and we need people who want to Lead with Compassion so that there can be more great teams.

Why Dandelions?

They are examples of nature’s perfect design, in my eyes. They illustrate how, when we are being our true selves, living through our core values and self-awareness, we can share kindness and compassion freely, and when we do that, we all benefit.


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